Your Journey
to a Student-Centered Classroom

Ready to embrace the challenge of implementing some form of mastery-based learning (personalized, customized, blended)? OwnMyLearning can help get past the roadblocks!

1) all educators working collectively on common professional learning plan to support instructional changes

2) leadership planning teams working to change structures that inhibit the implementation of the instructional changes

Building / Districts

can tackle both professional learning and structure change.

OwnMyLearning can help provide a framework for long term progress for both fronts.

Individual Teachers

can handle the professional learning, recognizing that many outdated school structures are beyond their control and can will limit classroom implementation.

Are you ready see our online offerings for professional learning?

Own My Learning Framework

Supporting change in your learning environment!

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OML connects research on motivation

Self Determination Theory, the branch of psychology that studies motivation,
identifies three main “ingredients” for intrinsic motivation:


Choice & pace support autonomy

Choice is a major contributor to developing autonomy. Learn about the impact of Action Choice vs. Option Choice on motivation.


Feedback and evidence support competence

Everyone wants to be competent! Learn how informational feedback can scaffold the path to achieving competence.


Agency and classroom culture support relatedness

Learner agency and a supportive learning culture are important for learners to develop relatedness with each other and with educators.

Educational Research

OML connects instructional research.

John Hattie’s Visible Learning research has identified hundreds of educational influences and developed effect sizes to these influences.

  • Visible Learning is a comprehensive collection of research that advocates for increased transparency in the learning process for both learners and teachers.
  • The OML framework connects Visible Learning’s influences to instructional practice and reinforces the inter-relatedness of the various influences
  • Teachers have agency to choose which influences can help improve instruction within their respective classroom environment